Pagan Peak (2019)

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  • 16+
When a gruesomely staged body is found, propped up on a mountain pass in the Alps close to the German-Austrian border, two detectives are sent to investigate. For German detective Ellie, this is the first real challenge of her career; her Austrian counterpart Gedeon though seems to have lost any ambitions in his job. Very soon, they discover more crime scenes with symbolically posed victims, reminiscent of pagan rituals. It all seems to be part of a bigger, sinister plan. Ellie finds herself under increasing pressure to understand the deranged killer's motives so she can stop him. The hunt leads them ever deeper in the dark valleys and archaic Alpine customs - and the paranoid world of the killer.
# Title Air Date
1 Darkness 25/01/2019 Download
2 The Red Season 25/01/2019 Download
4 The Wicked and the Naughty 01/02/2019 Download
5 Masks 08/02/2019 Download
7 The Storm 15/02/2019 Download
8 Angel 15/02/2019 Download

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Julia Jentsch
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Nicholas Ofczarek
Image description
Hanno Koffler
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Franz Hartwig
Image description
Lucas Gregorowicz
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Theresa Martini
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Natasha Petrovic
Image description
David Zimmerschied
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Production Design/Heike Lange
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