Myself; Yourself (2007)

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Hikada Sana returns to his home town after living away in Tokyo for five years. Although some time has passed the town has not changed much. On a detour to his apartment, he notices that a shrine maiden is watching him as he visits the shrine. The following day at school, Sana is surprised to find out that this girl is actually Yatsushiro Nanaka, a good childhood friend, whom he gave a bracelet before he left so many years ago. And even to this day, she is still wearing it...
# Title Air Date
1 The Place of Memories 03/10/2007 Download
2 The Important Melody 10/10/2007 Download
3 Cookies and Pebbles 17/10/2007 Download
4 No Longer a Child 24/10/2007 Download
5 Unblooming Cherry Tree 31/10/2007 Download
6 Grown Up 07/11/2007 Download
7 Teacher's Caramel 14/11/2007 Download
8 Secret Post 21/11/2007 Download
9 Do Your Best! Animenger! 28/11/2007 Download
10 For Sakura's Sake 05/12/2007 Download
11 Confession 12/12/2007 Download
12 Red Memories 19/12/2007 Download
13 Bonds 26/12/2007 Download
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Shinnosuke Tachibana
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Ami Koshimizu
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Tomoko Kaneda
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Takehito Koyasu
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Yukari Tamura
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Megumi Toyoguchi
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Mai Nakahara
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Ayumi Murata
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